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Blōō the Studio

Inspired by top trends and what modern women want, Karen Seyfried, Owner of Blōō, makes it her mission to source top quality, beautifully made pieces -
suitable for ladies with impeccable class and style - and bringing it to their doorstep.

Come and visit Blōō the Studio for a special, personalised experience.

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The Story

Jewelry and Fashion have always been Karen's passion and she entered the jewelry industry more than 10 years ago on consultant level for
various companies and decided to launch her own jewelry brand and recently expanded to clothing, shoes, handbags and decor. 

So everyone is wondering why Blōō? Second to her signature colour blush pink, sky blue is her favourite colour of all time. Thus she chose it to be the
colour of her new brand. After she chose the signature colour She needed a name to compliment it. She chose the eye dialect spelling of the colour blue as the name for her business. The meaning of the colour blue sealed the deal for it is
everything she stands for. 

“Blue is the colour of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and
stability. It symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence,
faith, truth, and heaven.”

In 2021 she opened her first store and launched an online shop, Blōō the Studio. The main focus of the store is to source high quality ladies fashion products, accessories and home decor.